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There once lived a simple man,
His name was Arthur Dent lets say,
And now imagine if you can,
He lay outside his house one day,
So the greedy bastards from town hall,
Wouldn’t blow his home away.

And lying there, how could he know,
The entire earth would soon explode.
His Home,
His Family,
His Tea,
Left so far below.

His friend Ford took him away,
Beamed him right up,
(Arthur needed to pee)
Don’t forget your towel,
He said,
Its the only thing you’ll need.

So they ended up on a Vogon Spaceship,
And Ford he said,
Well lets just face it,
We better hitch a ride real soon,
And eat those peanuts don’t just waste it.

And now their on a different spaceship,
With a girl Arthur knew from a sort-of friendship,
Arthur misses his good old tea,
But when he asks,
He feels displeased.
For coming out of that weird machine
Was something close to,
but not entirely,
completely unlike tea.

By Swebs
The original is by ~diabeticsugar
If you wish to :+fav: and commment, do so on the original
:tea: [link] :tea:
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May 3, 2009
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